An Introduction to Chip-8 Emulation using the Rust Programming Language

This is a introductory tutorial for how to develop your first Chip-8 emulator using the Rust language, targeting both desktop computers and web browsers via WebAssembly. This assumes no prior emulation experience, and only basic knowledge of Rust. The guide first gives a general overview of the different components of what emulation is, how all of the parts of the emulated system work, and what steps the emulation developer needs to implement them. Following this is a step-by-step walkthrough of the implementation of a Chip-8 emulator, describing each section of code and why it is needed.

  1. Introduction
  2. Emulation Basics
  3. Setup
  4. Implementing Emulation Methods
  5. Opcode Execution
  6. Writing our Desktop Frontend
  7. Introduction to WebAssembly
  8. Opcode Reference Table

If you prefer reading a PDF copy, the latest copy can be downloaded here.